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Working visit of IPO Montenegro to the Government of Montenegro

Today, a delegation of the International Police Organization of Montenegro consisting of: President of the IPO Montenegro Mr. Ivan Pekic, Vice President of the IPO Montenegro

Mr. Momcilo Scekic and Secretary General Mr. Emil Imsirovic visited the Government of Montenegro, at the invitation of Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Dritan Abazovic on whose behalf we were received by his advisor Milan Djecevic.

The conversation focused on topics covered by IPO Montenegro, such as:

Fight against organized crime, Fight against corruption,

Countering modern security threats: terrorism, arms proliferation, human organ trafficking, drug usury and distribution, human trafficking.

Then is talked about the principled struggle and opposition in the fight against modern criminal clans. At the meeting, we agreed that the structures and the way of work of the security services should be improved, as well as that greater civilian control of all security services is needed. Due to the growing danger of terrorism and organized crime, the state must make additional efforts to minimize this danger and the situation.

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