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IPO HQ Official Notification

Decision on the implementation of the new rules undertaken by IPO HQ

As previously announced by IPO International HQ as well as by the public letter of the founding president of IPO regarding the new rules of IPO HQ for the membership and development. Starting from Monday May 3/2021, all members whose membership has ended will be deleted from the system of members on the IPO website.

Also, all those who have previously been appointed as section leaders and who have not renewed their agreement with IPO HQ, will be considered dismissed from the position of Section Leader and will hold the position of official member until the end of their membership. Their non-reaction after some calls made by IPO HQ as well as by the founding President of IPO, gives us to understand that they are not interested in continuing the cooperation with us.

The deadline was April 30 and after that all will be treated according to the following rules:

-All members with expired membership will be eliminated from the system of members on the IPO website and from any other archive.

-Anyone with expired membership who will request the renewal of membership, will be considered a new member and will complete the initial application documentation as a new member by meeting the criteria set by


-All those who was appointed as representatives or section leaders must urgently close all social networks sites on behalf of IPO and if they are interested in continuing to work with the IPO HQ they must submit to the new rules set by the IPO Executive Board several months ago.

-All those who will meet the criteria and will be appointed as representatives or section leaders, will make agreement with IPO HQ to get the guidelines and the instructions for the creation of the Section as well as official websites, social networks or emails and other addresses on behalf of IPO.

-No one will use the IPO name, logo and program without the agreement or authorization of IPO HQ.

All Sections which are in the registration process:

Germany, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Latvia, Hungary, Romania, Albania, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Canada, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), USA and other sections in the African Command, will continue to hold the reports and agreements made with IPO HQ for the development of procedures.

All other Sections which are not in this list, 5 days after the publication of this decision,

will be considered illegal and will be prosecuted if they continue to use the name, logo and other images of the IPO and will not close all pages on social networks.

This decision enters into force immediately after publication on the official IPO website.

IPO News Room 01/05/2021

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