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Updated: Jan 26

On January 25, IPO Section Kenya paid a courtesy visit to the Nairobi City Council office and was met by the Security and Compliance team of the Hon. Johnson Sakaja to convene and discuss our shared objectives for a brighter future for Nairobi comprising;

- County Chief Commandant.

- Director City Inspectorate.

- Deputy Director City Inspectorate.

- Director of Investigation Information & Analysis.

- Deputy Director Administration.

- Assistant Director of Community Policing.

- Public Communications officer.

It was an honor for the IPO delegation, comprising of the President, Mr. Andrew Kerr, Senior Advisor, Mr. Amit Pandya, and the Head of Administration, Mr. Dipesh Luhar, to join their security and compliance team headed by Mr. Tony Michael in fruitful deliberations aimed at identifying collaborative opportunities for enhancing public safety and security within Nairobi.

The discussions held during our meeting were both enlightening and constructive, and we are enthusiastic about the potential synergies that can be harnessed through our collective efforts. By leveraging our respective expertise, resources, and networks, we are confident that we can develop innovative strategies to combat crime, promote law enforcement best practices, and strengthen community resilience, underscoring its dedication to fostering community engagement and addressing the evolving challenges faced by urban centers like Nairobi.

We look forward to nurturing a dynamic partnership with the Nairobi City Council and contributing positively to the advancement of our shared objectives.

IPO News Room

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